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Square Plot Farms – idea to reality

April 6, 2011

We are gonna do this thing. We are going to give it a try. Matt and I have been talking about the best ways to eat and how we can go about doing that since we started dating over three years ago. We both shared a common desire to eat or grow as much as we could on our own using local to make up some of the difference. Couple this with Matt’s sincere dislike for his current job and the idea for Square Plot Farms was born. I, naively, thought that we were going to be able to do it while working full time jobs, but the mess we had on our hands 2 years ago with the garden proved me wrong. That was the raining summer of 2009 and it seemed that every time Matt had a weekend off to work on the garden it was raining. So the garden quickly got out of hand and the rain in the month of June ruined alot of what we planted. We realized then that if we really wanted to be self sufficient we were going to need to do it ourselves.

So off we go raising animals and growing vegetables! Vegetables are easy. I have had a garden at this house since I moved here. In the summer of 2007 I put in a garden that was a large as the entire first floor of my house! Matt showed up in January of 2008 and that summer we made it even bigger! Now that same garden plot has a nice fence and housed not only our vegetables but our chickens (layers) as well. This year we will continue to grow vegetables in that area but also have some other areas. I would like a pumpkin patch! I have such great memories of being a kid and picking pumpkins out of my grandmothers pumpkin patch! I have also ordered three raspberry bushes – another fond memory from my grandmothers garden.

The meat is a different story. Matt has been a vegetarian for 17 years now, but his beliefs are rooted in a belief that if you are going to eat an animal the least you could do is honor it by killing it yourself, raising in responsibly and being aware of what it is giving you. So if Matt grows and raises his own meat then he will eat it, and me I just like bacon. This year we will be adding two pigs to the barnyard and some turkeys. Under consideration are some chickens (fryers) but those seem easy enough to get locally, if I could only get Matt to eat them if he met the farmer who raised and killed them :/

I am a bit nervous about our new endeavor. I will be bringing home the bacon while Matt raises it. Before I met Matt I was mostly in the same position I am in now. Owned the same house, had about the same bills, owned the same car, but I was responsible for just myself. Knowing that I now have another mouth to feed feels slightly strange and a bit worrisome. I remind myself that worst case Matt could always look for another job, or we could sell off some of the pigs:) I also remind myself that living this close to our food, eating this well and this local and this fresh is something we have talked about for several years. If we don’t jump now we will just keep finding other excuses:)




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  1. Sandy Bussiere permalink
    May 20, 2011 8:12 am

    I love this. I feel like an invited voyeur into your lives. And Sinclair Acres. Bumpa #1 would have been over the top with that name. And the tomatoes and raspberries (and pork ‘n beans) — he would have loved it all.

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