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Spring Pigs

May 15, 2011

The pigs arrived at the beginning of this month and I have hesitated blogging about them.   I don’t take photographs of my groceries when I bring them home so I wasn’t sure that photographing the pigs was an appropriate thing to do.   My challenge in this post is to share with you what we are up to here on the farm while at the same time being respectful of the pigs and they gift they are giving to us.

A friend of mine texted me last week after seeing the pigs.  While sad about their short time on earth she understood why people say grace before a meal.  I have been ruminating on that all weekend.  Matt and I are not great at saying grace, it seems the only praying we get done is at church on Sunday.   We talked a bit about it and realized that grace and thankfulness should be an important part of our meal, even when its just the veggies, but more importantly when it is animals we have raised.  Not only thankfulness for what the animals have given us but thankfulness that we have food on our plates and the ability to feed and care for ourselves.

So it is with that spirit that I am blogging this afternoon.  I am blogging with the spirit of thankfulness: thankful for the pigs, for the gifts the earth is going to give us and for the ability to undertake this little adventure call homesteading:)


The farmer’s wife

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