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Rain Plants…

May 19, 2011

Is 2011 the new 2009? Is May the new June? Does anyone remember June of 2009??? It was super rainy and this past six days have reminded me of that entire month. It has been a rainy week overall and Matt has run out of indoor activities he can do. Really homesteading is an outside job and he is ready to get outdoors!

I am hopeful that the rain is really going to turn around this week but in the meantime the few plants I have started inside are thriving despite the lack of sun! My contribution to this homestead is flowers!

In this starter container I have moonflowers and morning glories. Morning glories are an homage to my grandmother Bayette. She loved them and had them growing all up one side of her house. She would sit in a chair by the window and look at her flowers, morning glories and the birds when she needed a rest from the work. That is a wonderful memory for me, when I grow them it reminds me of her and that time. The moonflowers are their companion. They open in the evening and stay open through noon the next day. My dad loves these and I am going to plant them near the morning glories.

I am also planting elf sunflowers! When I first bought this house I dreamed of planting an entire acre of sunflowers in the back part of the property. We have different dreams now but I still plant sunflowers all over the place. These mini ones are made for containers and will be a sunny welcome to our guests!

Last but not least Tumbling Toms. These are not flowers but they are yellow cheery tomato plants made for containers. If you have every popped a sungold tomato in your mouth you know how yummy they are! Now we can pick a few every time we come in the house.

Now we are on the hunt for the sun:)


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