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The Pumpkin Patch

June 7, 2011

Sinclair Acres

When I was a child my grandmother grew pumpkins – she had her own pumpkin patch. I have memories, and pictures, of us at my grandmothers picking out our pumpkins for Halloween. When I bought this house growing a pumpkin patch was on my list of things to have, to recreate for my nieces what was a found memory from my youth. So far it has not worked out. The first year I put the pumpkin patch way in the back so the vines could grow long and I could have lots of pumpkins. I had several of them and in the fall the animals came and go them. The second year we had a crazy amount of rain in June and they never really got pick enough. I gave up on it for a while until Matt came along and we decided to try again, which we did last year. Alas it was not meant to be again! They didn’t get enough water and putting them outside the garden fence meant the animals got what they could from them.

Well this year is going to be different my friends and its all because of Matt!

This year Matt is my constant and faithful farmer and he has promised to grow me at least 1 pumpkin! I bought two kinds (sugar and jack o lantern kind) and we have placed them in the garden.

The need lots of water so Matt waters them faithfully.

Sinclair Acres

They are also inside the garden fence so the animals are kept away! I am already thinking of the jack o lanterns that the girls will make and the homemade pumpkin pie I will make for Thanksgiving from the sugar pumpkins!

While that seems a long way off the peas are not. Once the warm weather hit they seemed to double in size every day! Fresh pea risotto will be on the menu for the 4th of July!

Sinclair Acres


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  1. Sandy permalink
    June 7, 2011 1:23 pm

    Fresh pea risotto. You’ll probably have it before the 4th for you and Matt. If you have a great recipe, I’d love it!
    We all have hobbies, and one of mine is to collect recipes.

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