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June 21, 2011

Matt and I both like rituals, predictability in our every day lives. I think if we could both figure out how to do it our Monday – Friday would be the same routine every day and we would shake it up for the weekend, but that is not always to be with the “farm” and my jobs. So we try to create mini rituals in our days, months and years that can be the cornerstones of our lives.

As a daily ritual we walk Minion, or I should say Matt walks Minion. Sometimes I tag along if the photography workload isn’t great or if I am home at walking time. Its nice to carve out that time each day to walk and reflect and when we are together talk about the week.

Minion is turning out to be a really great dog! We have a few moments of serious fiestiness but she has come a long way since January 22nd when she growled at me from the crate the whole way home:)


Once a month Matt and I go to Fore Street in Portland for dinner. The site of a magical date early on we now go there every month on the 19th to celebrate our monthly anniversary. They are getting to know us there and its always a nice treat when the 19th comes around and we can reflect on our marriage over a great meal. We even get to sit in the same seat as our first date since we told them that was our favorite 🙂

Every year since Matt and I started dating we have gotten up 30 minutes before dawn on June 21st to watch the sunrise on one of the longest days of the year! Every year it has been foggy or raining so we have been in bed 10 minutes later – but not this year! This year we knew we would get sun so we headed out to Two Lights in Portland and watched the sun come up while the waves provide background music and the birds started their day. It was somewhat idyllic this morning and a memory I will always have!


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  1. Sandy permalink
    June 21, 2011 1:15 pm

    The two of you have chosen to have a joyful life. Great for you. xoxo

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