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Greetings from the pumpkin patch!

August 1, 2011

This week I had my first tomato directly from the garden.  I ate it so fast that I don’t even have it to show you!  But I can report that all tomoatoes are doing well.  This year I took a “plant a tomato EVERYWHERE” approach so as you are walking around the property you might come across some random tomoato plants:)

This one is by t he front door, and doing quite well!  These tomatoes will be bigger than cheery tomatoes but smaller than your average size tomato.  I think these will be perfect for my lunch box.


I planted two containers of Tumbling Toms right outside my studio door just in case I need a snack while working:)

If you look closely you will also see a regular tomato plan in there as well:)

I am thrilled to report our pumpkin patch is thriving!  The pumpkins are growing both inside and outside the fence and producing lots of jack o’lantern pumpkin and sugar pumpkins for pies!

Here are some of our jack’s

The turkeys arrived this past week took.  They are in a small coop by the new/old shed.  Minion LOVES them – or I should say loves to run around their coop and drive them crazy.  Everytime I tell her to stop this is the face she gives me:)


Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weather!





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