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Ice cream for the farm hands!

August 5, 2011

This week Sinclair Acres has been a hub of social activity.  My niece Hailey has been staying with us for the week while she attends art camp in Portland (I am not so secretly hoping she grows up to do something artistic) and my longest friend Jocelyn is staying with us for the month so she can absorb some of the Maine goodness people come from miles around to get!

We have turned everyone into a farm hand asking them to pitch in with the nightly preparations for dinner or with harvesting and preserving something out of the garden.  This week saw us put away lots and lots of green beans for the winter and also had us eating cucumbers and tomatoes fresh from the garden.  Corn will be here soon and other vegetables can’t be far behind.  Each night we sit down at the table, as a “family” and nourish ourselves on cool, crisp raw cucumbers, fresh corn and potatoes on the grill.  I feel blessed at each meal not only to be sharing the food with people I love so much but also blessed that we are able to grow this food on our own and provide nourishment, both body and soul, for us and our families.  I think of my grandmother often and I hope I am making her proud.

Tonight after dinner we took everyone down to Bayley’s Ice Cream for a sweet treat!  Nothing will replace Four Seas Ice Cream for me as the best of all time but this has become my new local favorite.  Today’s scoop of the day was ginger snap -delish!

I brought along my camera to make a few images of our trip.  Since reading this quote from Dorothea Lange I try to bring it out more often for the everyday events.

One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you’d be stricken blind.
Dorothea Lange


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