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Food Awareness

October 31, 2011

Matt and I are into harvest season and we are harvesting all kinds of things.  Last week we had our friends Erica and Luc over for an early Thanksgiving.  A chance to share with friends some of the food we had grown and raised over the year.  When friends come to our house to share a meal talk inevitably turns to our farm project and our food raising.  Every time we engage in these conversations it gives me a chance to refine how I communicate our mission to people.  During our conversation I realized that what I want for people is food awareness.  Not everyone is going to raise their own food or animals, not everyone is going to be a vegetarian, omnivore, vegan, etc.  The world is made up of lots of different people making lots of different choices.  The key word in that sentence is CHOICE.  I want people to be aware of where their food comes from and to make a choice about how they choose to feed their families and fuel their bodies.  Matt used to be a vegetarian.  His decided years ago that if he was going to eat meat he had to be the one to raise it and process it.  When we met we found we had some common food beliefs, one of them being a commitment to local food.    In those days we ate a lot of soy [insert meat type here].  It i s hard to be committed to being a localvore while you are eating soy patties for protein.   Over time we came to realize that we couldn’t do both.  We can’t committee to eating 80-90% of our food from local sources and be vegetarians.   But we can committ to eat 80-90% of our food from local sources if we are NOT vegetarians and the only way we can do that is if we raise the food ourselves.
This has been an experimental year for us, our first foray into lots of animals.   We learned a lot, changed alot and came to have a new appreciation for food.
Last night Matt cooked us dinner – roasted chicken with vegetables.  All grown in our yard and all handled by Matt right up to the minute it was served on the table.  We took a minute to be thankful for the food that graced our table and then ate a delicious meal, thankful for the opportunity we have to grow our own food and nourish our bodies.

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