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Our First Year raising pigs

November 17, 2011

This weekend we sent the pigs off to the butcher.  I have mentioned here and in conversations with friends that I don’t post lots of pictures of animals that we raise for meat for the same reason I don’t take pictures of my groceries.  I do it out of reverence for what we are trying to do here at Sinclair Acres.

In direct contrast to that I also think that posts and pictures and discussions opens up the topic for a wider group of people.  Friends and family often make inquires about the “farmette” and the level of discourse about food is heightened in our circle.  Even beyond our typical circle as people at work in quire about the farmette as well.

I am also a storyteller, a personal historian.  It would not be me at all to not document some of Sunday, show in pictures the final work we did on this journey.  So that is what this post is, documentation of a little bit of our life so we can share this with others and keep the conversation about respectful and sustainable living going.

These were the pigs when we got them in May.

These are where they ended up.  They were both between 350 and 375 lbs



To borrow a phrase from Stacy at Broadturn Farm

Blessings on the meal,


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