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Winter Projects

January 6, 2012

Things are SUPER QUIET here on the farm.  No veggies, no animals, no snow…..  This is the time of year we take on some projects that allow us to hibernate a bit and be productive.  For me hibernating means lots of TV shows on DVD and sewing.   Since I am fairly certain my sisters do not read this blog I thought I would post about the quilts I am working on.  I started this project in 2004.  The final quilt is made up of 12 squares that I hand stitch, one for each month of the year and then I quilt them together.  I started it and then moved into a house I spent the next 5 years renovating – crafting as a whole took a back seat so I lost track of this project.  I am pulling it out this winter and starting again, this time with a better plan.  I am working in batches of tasks so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming to be making 4 quilts this winter:)

Stacks of linen and quilt filling ready to be sewn.

I am already into July but when I took this picture a week ago I was working on May.

Happy hibernating!



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